Comment le beurre de cacao peut aider vos cheveux : les avantages de ce produit de soin naturel pour la peau

How Cocoa Butter Can Help Your Hair: The Benefits of This Natural Skin Care Product

Cocoa butter is an ingredient often used in premium, high-end skin care products. It has many benefits for the skin, including helping to hydrate and nourish it. Cocoa butter can also benefit ha...
Comment connaître son type de peau ?
peau grasse

How to know your skin type?

Taking care of your skin is essential to preserve it and maintain its youthfulness and health. But to apply the right products and adopt the right routines, it is essential to know your skin type .
Le mois d’Avril pour la peau : comment l’arrivée du printemps impacte l’équilibre cutané.

The month of April for the skin: how the arrival of spring impacts the skin's balance.

April is a very special time for the skin. We are at the dawn of a new season: spring. We are coming out of winter, a particularly difficult period for the skin, leading to several skin upheav...
L'hydratation : la clé d'une belle peau ?

Hydration: the key to beautiful skin?

“ 1.5 liters of water a day and 8 hours of sleep! ”: this is the beauty tip that our mothers and friends have often told us. Hydration seems to be essential to maintain beautiful skin. To hy...
Baume des Dieux, soin corps, visage et cheveux au beurre de cacao

Theobromine: an unknown molecule for a radiant complexion

Theobromine… This term may be familiar to you. If the name of our brand derives from it, it is because theobromine is found in all our products. Is it a cosmetic active? A molecule? Caffeine's lit...
Le chocolat : de la cuisine à la salle de bains.

Chocolate: from the kitchen to the bathroom.

A great favorite at the end of a meal, chocolate has been savored for decades. We know it in all its states: hot, cold, hard, liquid or frozen. It is tasted mixed with milk and sugar for the ...
Soin du corps : quels gestes ajouter à sa routine ?

Body care: what gestures to add to your routine?

  The skin of the body is the big forgotten skincare routine. A generally accepted idea about it is that it is less prone to skin aging and imperfections than facial skin, and that we need l...
Une couronne pour les dieux

A crown for the gods

The balm of the gods from Theobroma Secret Cacao receives the Cosmebio skincare trophy in the support and development of sustainable sectors category. Each year, Cosmébio, the French Associat...