Soin du corps : quels gestes ajouter à sa routine ?

Body care: what gestures to add to your routine?

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The skin of the body is the big forgotten skincare routine. A generally accepted idea about it is that it is less prone to skin aging and imperfections than facial skin, and that we need less specific actions to take care of it.

Is it a mistake ? How to take care of your body? In this article, you will discover what the skin of the body needs on a daily basis, and what are the essential steps of a body care routine.

Did you know ?
The skin is the body's largest organ :
it therefore needs special attention.

what she needs

The skin of the body can be subject to several inconveniences. Certain parts of the body may feel tightness. It may therefore need to be soothed, calmed with formulas rich in vegetable oils. It is important to protect the skin from dehydration by improving its elasticity: the skin will be plumper and more toned. By making the skin more elastic, we can then reduce the appearance of stretch marks and better prepare the skin for the vagaries of life, which can cause the weight and condition of the skin to fluctuate. One of the most common skin concerns is also to smooth the skin's texture: especially when sunny days are around the corner.



Just like the face, the body needs hydration. This is the essential step in any skincare routine, which meets several expectations mentioned above: having a smoother skin texture, calm, soothed and supple skin.

Thus, we recommend a light texture, which can penetrate quickly into the epidermis to allow you to dress quickly after application.


Our latest launch, Nourishing Body Lotion, is ideal to add to your daily routine for effective, long-lasting hydration. In its formula, we find Aloe Vera, and Cocoa Butter, to both hydrate and nourish the body. Its light texture like milk makes it very practical and quick to use.


Our tip? Apply Nourishing Body Lotion to clean, slightly damp skin, just after showering. This will allow the product to penetrate more quickly, and thus facilitate its absorption.

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When you need to boost the regeneration of your skin, the Baume des Dieux is your ally of choice. Highly concentrated in organic Cocoa Butter, it is the remedy for the minor ailments of everyday life: burns, scars, sunburn, areas of dryness... It soothes the skin and regenerates it intensely.




Exfoliation is a key step in taking care of your skin: it beautifies your skin texture, erases skin irregularities for smoother skin.

Our other novelty for the body is a Nourishing Scrub. Based on Aloe Vera and Organic Cocoa Butter, its formula is deeply nourishing and soothing. Its organic cocoa nibs, for their part, exfoliate the skin effectively, without irritating it. Combined with the Nourishing Body Lotion, our scrub allows you to take a well-being break in your daily life, to take the time to gently care for your skin.

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