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Theobromine: an unknown molecule for a radiant complexion

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balm of the gods

Theobromine… This term may be familiar to you. If the name of our brand derives from it, it is because theobromine is found in all our products. Is it a cosmetic active? A molecule? Caffeine's little sister? You heat up.

By reading this article, you will know everything about theobromine. You will understand the crucial role it plays in our formulations, and why they should be included in your skincare routine.

In the beginning, the theobroma.

Theobroma – whose Greek etymology means “food of the gods” after theo (god) and broma (food) – is the scientific name of the cocoa tree. There are 22 species of this shrub native to the Amazon. Theobromine is extracted from its beans.

Theobromine is one of the alkaloids, substances of plant origin containing at least one nitrogen atom. Many medicinal plants contain it, for multiple virtues. The molecular structure of theobromine resembles caffeine, their stimulating and energizing effects are similar.

The concentration of theobromine depends on the cocoa content: the more there is, the more theobromine is present. Therefore, dark chocolate contains a lot, while there is very little in white chocolate.

The properties of theobromine are varied, such as its effects on the human body. It is a vasodilator, a stimulant that improves mood and has diuretic effects. In cosmetics, it provides many benefits for the skin.

cream texture

At the heart of Théobroma treatments…

The Théobroma laboratory has selected a pure cocoa extract, from organic farming, in order to preserve its properties and its concentration in polyphenols. We have integrated it into our cosmetic formulations to exploit its natural effects on the skin. Not only does cocoa butter provide a soft and creamy texture, but its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

Theobromine and caffeine share the same suffix… it's not by chance: they are highly stimulating and antioxidant molecules.

The use of theobromine in cosmetic preparations has a stunning effect on skin tone and texture. By stimulating blood microcirculation, the skin is more luminous and radiant. Similarly, theobromine visibly reduces dark circles – caused by poor blood circulation under the eyes – and acts on the radiance of the complexion. The skin regains its color, the complexion is less tired.

Cocoa butter effectively nourishes dry skin, the epidermis regains a velvety finish.

On the rest of the body, this active ingredient reduces cellulite and brings more tone to the skin, fighting against sagging skin. Fat storage is reduced.

You have understood: it is for the inexhaustible source of its virtues that theobromine is the centerpiece of our formulations. Beyond its effects, it is above all its synergy with other active ingredients that makes our treatments a complete solution to your skin concerns. For example, hyaluronic acid, tocopherol, argan oil or even carrot macerate are several active ingredients that complement the action of theobromine, to optimize its effects.



How effective is theobromine in our treatments?

A study conducted by Syres, an institute specialized in consumer testing, demonstrated the effectiveness of theobromine in our products, each containing the highly concentrated TH3+ booster with theobromine that specifically acts on the complexion.

Thanks to a panel of 40 testers, we were able to observe remarkable results, focusing on the skincare routine: the Xocoa Serum, to be applied morning and night before the cream, the H-Kin Day Ritual, and the TZOLK-IN 260 Night Cream.

After 14 days:

– 96% of participants found that their skin looked better overall

– 87% find that their complexion is more radiant

– 87% note a significant improvement in the hydration of their skin

– 81% say their skin looks younger, regenerated

– 81% noticed that their epidermis was considerably more nourished

By integrating treatments containing theobromine into a skincare routine, it is possible to respond to several skin concerns, by focusing on a 100% natural active ingredient thanks to cocoa butter and extract. Théobroma treatments will allow you to combine pleasure and efficiency.

balm of the gods