Une couronne pour les dieux

A crown for the gods

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The balm of the gods from Theobroma Secret Cacao receives the Cosmebio skincare trophy in the support and development of sustainable sectors category.


Each year, Cosmébio, the French Association of Organic Cosmetics, rewards the care of labeled brands for the quality of their products as well as the ethical approach in which they are part.

The Cosmébio skincare trophies include four categories: young shoots, support and development of sustainable sectors, contribution to ecological transition and sustainable innovation. The Laureates' skincare products are chosen by consumers, influencers and professionals in the cosmetics sector.

No less than 62 brands have applied this year to obtain Cosmébio skincare recognition.


Théobroma Secret Cacao’s “Baume des Dieux” skincare was competing in the Support and development of sustainable sectors of Cosmébio skincare category, which rewards brands whose sourcing of ingredients encourages the development of sustainable and ethical sectors, such as local cultures. All Théobroma products carry the Cosmébio label, attesting that a large quantity of ingredients are of natural origin, with deep respect for the environment and a strong social commitment.

Théobroma Secret Cacao's "Balm of the Gods" is an all-in-1 treatment for the whole family. It can be applied to the face, body and hair as well. It gently repairs, moisturizes and relieves damaged skin. A true summary of benefits for the skin, its formula is made up of organic cocoa butter – coconut oil – carrot macerate and vitamin E. This 100% clean and committed treatment is presented in a magnificent recyclable glass pomegranate. A short and pure formula, composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin, rated 100 out of 100 YUKA and 20 out of 20 INCI BEAUTY.

A tribute to the origins of cocoa, which was considered by the MAYAS more than 4,500 years ago as a “Treasure of the Gods”, Théobroma Secret Cacao’s “Baume of the Gods” treatment, with its unique character, won over the competition jury. Cosmebio treatments.


Discover the Théobroma Secret Cacao “Baume of the Gods” universal treatment now crowned with the Cosmébio Trophy and feel the benefits of organic cocoa butter, one of nature's most beautiful wonders with exceptional ancestral virtues.