Le chocolat : de la cuisine à la salle de bains.

Chocolate: from the kitchen to the bathroom.


A great favorite at the end of a meal, chocolate has been savored for decades. We know it in all its states: hot, cold, hard, liquid or frozen. It is tasted mixed with milk and sugar for the little ones, is savored strong, rich and a bit original with a touch of orange for the refined, and is simply consumed at 90 or 100% for its nutritional virtues.

We note a recent use of cocoa for well-being: once perceived as unhealthy, we now eat its low-sweetened version to combat sugar addiction - its bitter taste can limit the desire to consume sweets and eat between meals. Used for its nutritional properties, it can thus be beneficial for health.

At Théobroma, chocolate has a completely different place: it is the centerpiece of our formulations. Indeed, our treatments are rich in cocoa butter, which we use for its many virtues, for the smoothness it brings to the textures, and for its subtle scent which delicately perfumes them.

How did chocolate get from the kitchen to the bathroom?

hand with cocoa beans


Tzolk-in, Ek-Chuah, Xocoatl… You may have noticed the singular names of our treatments. These are Mayan words, people of Mesoamerica who discovered cocoa. The Maya people are also the first to cultivate and work cocoa. First, by developing an energy drink called “xocoatl”. Composed of roasted then crushed cocoa beans, they were infused in hot water.

The result ? A beverage with a marked bitterness, reminiscent of the aroma and consumption of coffee. Cocoa contains theobromine: a molecule very close to caffeine, which gave this drink energizing and antioxidant properties.

By using it in this way, the Maya already gave it a medicinal purpose, close to the vision we have of cocoa today.

hand and cocoa bean


It was in the 19th century that chocolate entered a new era, with its industrialization. Chocolate is becoming more accessible, thanks to the use of new machines that make it possible to produce it on a larger scale.

Coenraad Van Houten, whose name is still on everyone's lips today, is the inventor of the cocoa press. Thanks to it, we obtain cocoa butter, and cocoa bread; once crushed, this substance makes it possible to obtain chocolate powder.

It is this major and historic step that marks the beginning of the consumption of chocolate in a new form, and not just as a drink.

Thus, chocolate appears in the hollow of our plates when it turns into powder, for a more varied use, and becomes a regular on breakfast tables.

If we like it in the kitchen, let's bring it into the bathroom!

texture on skin


Cocoa, from the Theobroma tree - "food of the gods" in Maya - has a high concentration of natural antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It is not for nothing that cocoa butter is the first ingredient that makes up the INCI lists of our products.

It contains polyphenol: a complex of antioxidant molecules neutralize free radicals, responsible in particular for oxidative stress and dull complexion

It also benefits from a high concentration of Vitamin E - commonly used in the cosmetics industry to firm the skin and for its tightening effect. This is for example the case of our Tzolk-in 260 cream, which helps to fight against the signs of skin aging.

Rich in fatty acids, cocoa butter is known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. The sensation of comfort on application is immediate, for long-term effects on the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

This natural ingredient retains water in the skin, thereby strengthening the hydrolipidic film, the skin barrier composed of fat and water. This acid mantle covering the skin is a protective shield maintaining the balance of the skin. When damaged, the skin develops blemishes, uneven texture and overall becomes more sensitive.

Highly concentrated in cocoa butter, Baume des Dieux is applied from head to toe to protect and nourish skin and hair. It has a multitude of uses - on the hair, it styles flyaways and intensely nourishes the hair fiber. It nourishes the skin of the body and protects it, hydrates it, provides it with antioxidant and restorative properties. On the face can be used as a nourishing cream as well as a mask when applied in a thick layer.

Like the chocolate that populates the kitchen cupboards, Baume des Dieux is appreciated by all members of the family: it can be used by the youngest as well as the oldest.

balm of the gods


It is for all its properties that Théobroma has chosen cocoa butter as its star ingredient. We have chosen to make it the keystone of our range, both for its fascinating history and for its scientific reputation.

Like the most gourmet of chocolates, our treatments are made to be consumed with pleasure. However, they have an advantage that sandwiches do not have: they will only bring you good things.