Le mois d’Avril pour la peau : comment l’arrivée du printemps impacte l’équilibre cutané.

The month of April for the skin: how the arrival of spring impacts the skin's balance.

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April is a very special time for the skin. We are at the dawn of a new season: spring. We are coming out of winter, a particularly difficult period for the skin, leading to several skin upheavals.

In April, you don't know on which foot to dance? Discover our recommendations to best prepare your skin for this new season.


In winter, the skin undergoes a certain number of disturbances: when the skin is exposed to negative temperatures, it is sensitized. Indeed, the integrity of the hydro-lipid film is threatened, causing the appearance of more imperfections and redness. The skin is more than ever dehydrated, and needs both nutrition and hydration. An entire program !

At the end of winter, the primary goal is to nourish the skin as much as possible, and provide it with lasting hydration. To do this, cocoa butter is ideal: it both moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Accompanied by active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, it is all the more effective for long-lasting hydration and instant relief of feelings of tightness linked to skin dryness.



The XOCOA+ serum : a bomb of hydration and effectiveness.

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The Balm of the Gods : a minimalist and multi-use formula to nourish and hydrate all skin types, at all ages.


Spring is a rather lenient season for the skin: the temperatures begin to warm up, the skin needs less nourishment, we can switch to a more minimalist skincare routine. However, the skin faces temperature variations - it's time to counter these disturbances by purifying and detoxifying it.


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The H-KIN Day Ritual : antioxidant thanks to the polyphenols found in cocoa butter, the light formula of our day cream is particularly suitable for the change of season.


The spring season is also an opportunity to prepare as much as possible for the arrival of summer. Temperatures will start to rise in May: you can anticipate spring by adding simple gestures to your skincare routine.

In summer, the skin is dehydrated and confronted with high heat, but also with more drastic climatic variations than in spring with the return of air conditioners. We therefore take the time to prepare it as much as possible, by strengthening it and moisturizing it intensely, to strengthen its natural defences.


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The EK-CHUAH Mask : this is our must-have for its multi-use action - it is a concentrate of revitalizing effectiveness, to be left on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes, once or twice a week. This mask will gently prepare your skin - its generous pink texture will add a comforting moment to your skincare routine.

You are ready for the arrival of spring. We hope you will enjoy using our treatments throughout the season, that you will take them with you on the long weekends in May.

Sunny days are at hand: take heart and remember that a square of chocolate never hurts. Promise!