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-10% + 1 Crème de Jour SPF30 offerte

Absolute favorite for the serum naturally rich in theobromine.

At the heart of our anti-aging formulas


The anti-aging supramolecule that stimulates collagen production and instantly revives the radiance of the complexion.

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The serum is very pleasant and penetrates easily. Products moisturize and protect the skin. The skin is soft and looks prettier. Pleasant and original perfume.


A treasure trove of benefits for the skin

Cacao beans contain over 300 essential nutrients for the skin. A miracle of nature with exceptional anti-ageing, nourishing, moisturizing and protective properties allowing us to offer ultra-efficient natural and organic cosmetic care.

Natural & organic ingredients


100/100 Yuka

cruelty free

Fairtrade Sourcing

1% for the planet

Organic and committed

100% Clean Beauty

Théobroma is a natural and committed skincare brand. Our formulas are vegan, not tested on animals and composed of up to 99% natural ingredients. Our cocoa is organic and Fairtrade certified and all our treatments have obtained the score 100/100 on YUKA.