bienfaits de la vitamine E

The benefits of vitamin E for the skin

Vitamin E is a popular ingredient in skin care. It is indeed found in many cosmetic formulas. But why ? What does vitamin E bring to our skin?
cosmétique Made in France

Why choose Made in France cosmetics?

Today, more than ever, we can choose more responsible and more ethical consumption. By favoring Made in France cosmetics, we can act on our scale to contribute to a more sustainable economy.
Bienfaits du beurre de cacao bio

The benefits of cocoa butter in cosmetics

Cocoa butter, a true treasure of Nature, is at the heart of our body care formulas. It is the fruit richest in vitamins and minerals (ORAC measurement), which gives it exceptional benefits for the...
bienfaits de l'aloe vera

The benefits of aloe vera gel for the skin

In recent years, aloe vera has become an almost essential ingredient in the world of organic and natural beauty. But why ? What are the benefits of aloe vera gel on the skin?

How to use a body scrub?

The exfoliating body scrub is a product to adopt without hesitation in your weekly routine. It allows you to take care of your skin while offering you a real moment of relaxation. But how to use a...
bienfaits de la vitamine C sur la peau

Vitamin C for the face: the benefits

In the world of cosmetics, choosing the right ingredients is essential. Among those that have become essential in recent years, vitamin C shines for the radiance it brings to the skin and its anti...