Les effets du soleil sur la peau

The effects of the sun on the skin

Find here essential information on the impact of the sun on the health of our skin, and the right actions to adopt!

The sunny days are returning, and with them, the intensity of UV rays. But do you really know the effects of the sun on the skin ? Do you have the right beauty reflexes to preserve it?

Find here essential information on the impact of the sun on the health of our skin, and the right actions to adopt!

Why are UV rays bad for the skin?

The sun is essential to help us synthesize vitamin D , but it only takes a few minutes of exposure per day to meet our needs. Vitamin D is important for the immune system and good muscle and bone health .

However, too prolonged exposure causes negative effects . Ultraviolet rays are in fact classified into two categories :

  • UVA rays, responsible for premature aging because they penetrate deep into the skin,
  • UVB , which remains more on the surface but causes sunburn, which is an inflammatory response.

Finally, excessive exposure to the sun can cause allergies, the appearance of pigment spots (which are areas with excess melanin), premature aging of the skin, and in some cases skin cancer.

after sun body lotion

How does the skin react to the sun?

Our skin has everything it needs to respond naturally to the aggression of UV rays . Indeed, it has a photoprotection system made up of natural barriers (cornic and melanin barrier), but also of our hair.

In addition, after exposure to the sun, our skin will produce melanin which has the role of absorbing UVS rays. It is this melanin that gives us a pretty tanned complexion in summer, and which allows the skin to temporarily thicken.

However, these natural defenses vary greatly from one person to another depending on several factors: origin, hair growth, country of residence, skin tone, etc. It is therefore recommended to give the skin a helping hand to better protect it. of the sun.

Our advice for preparing your skin for the sun

Beyond the regular application of a quality sunscreen, other beauty actions can help your skin better prepare for and recover from sun exposure .

Before the exhibition

Never expose yourself to intense sunlight or for several hours at the end of winter without prior preparation. Expose your skin for a few minutes a day to stock up on vitamin D and gradually reaccustom your skin to defending itself against UV rays.

You can also prepare your skin from the inside out by stocking up on antioxidant foods and fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C. There are also food supplements designed to prepare the skin for the sun.

You can also give your skin a scrub a few days before going on vacation or out in the sun, to remove dead cells. The Theobroma exfoliating and nourishing body scrub contains cocoa bean nibs and organic cocoa butter, for an exfoliating and nourishing effect .

UV rays effects on skin

During the exhibition period

Choose your hours of exposure and avoid midday : this is the time when UV rays are most powerful. Of course, apply sunscreen regularly, even when the weather is cloudy.

Hydrate yourself regularly by drinking enough water. Avoid hot showers and apply moisturizer morning and evening.

Théobroma nourishing body milk has a light and creamy texture that does not stick to the skin in summer. For more sensitive, dry, or sun-damaged areas, opt for our Baume des Dieux , an exceptional universal natural treatment that instantly treats and soothes sunburn. Its formula, rich in nourishing and soothing active ingredients, immediately relieves skin damaged by the sun and promotes the regeneration of the skin barrier.

Good to know : if you are taking medication, check with your doctor that it is not photosensitizing, in which case exposure could cause severe sunburn.

Returning from vacation

Pamper your skin by providing it with a regular dose of hydration and nutrition . To do this, apply TH3+ serum daily under your day cream, which is a real source of cellular regeneration. It fights against oxidative stress to delay skin aging, while deeply nourishing your skin.

Once or twice a week depending on your skin's needs, apply Théobroma's nourishing face mask , which contains both hyaluronic acid and cocoa butter, a synergy of ingredients that allow the skin to regain its natural flexibility and elasticity.