bienfaits de l'huile d'argan

What is argan oil used for?

Argan oil, often renamed “ liquid gold ”, is renowned for its nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties. This treasure of nature is a true ally of our exceptional treatments.

Argan oil, often renamed “ liquid gold ”, is renowned for its nourishing, regenerating and restructuring properties. This treasure of nature is a true ally of our exceptional treatments.

Discover today why we put argan oil at the heart of some of our formulas, and all its benefits on skin and hair .

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is extracted from the core of the fruits of the argan tree, a tree native to southwest Morocco. The best extraction method is cold pressing, which produces a higher quality oil with more active ingredients.

If this ingredient is popular in the world of natural cosmetics , it is because it is naturally rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin A and fatty acids, which fight against the signs of skin aging and restore skin tone. suppleness to the skin.

For best results and to respect the environment, we recommend that you opt for an organic, pure and 100% natural vegetable oil.

what is argan oil used for

The benefits of argan oil on the skin

Argan oil hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin . Thanks to its fatty acid and vitamin E content, it helps the skin maintain a good level of hydration while protecting it from external aggressions.

Its richness in antioxidants also makes it an anti-aging oil, which helps prevent the appearance of signs of aging and limit fine lines from dehydration. Applied regularly, to the face or body, it helps improve the elasticity of the skin.

Finally, we particularly recommend argan oil to people with dry or dehydrated skin . It helps restore comfort to the skin by providing it with nutrition thanks to fatty acids, which helps reduce the feeling of itching. You can apply argan oil to your feet, heels, knees and elbows if you want to soften these particularly dry areas.

We recommend using Theobroma Xo-Chiq Beauty Oil . Enriched with 7 precious oils, it is a true hydrating and illuminating elixir.

Good to know : contrary to some popular belief, argan oil is not incompatible with acne-prone skin, on the contrary! It helps balance sebum production while providing the skin with a good dose of hydration. It is a non-greasy oil that penetrates quickly into the skin, leaving it with a beautiful satin appearance.

The benefits of argan oil on hair

Argan oil is also an exceptional treatment for hair . It can be applied to the points on a daily basis to protect them from friction with clothing, and thus limit the appearance of split ends.

Used after shampooing on the lengths (up to the ends), it helps to make hair shinier and protect it when using a hairdryer.

You can also use argan oil to style and tame your hair . To do this, pour just a few drops into the palm of your hand, rub them, then gently pass them through your hair.

Finally, you can make an oil bath. To do this, leave the oil on your hair overnight, protecting it with a hot towel. The next morning, shampoo, and then discover silky and soft hair.

what is argan oil used for

The Serum (TH3+), a source of cellular regeneration enriched with argan oil

Our Serum (TH3+ ) has a natural and vegan formula , certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmébio. It is an exceptional treatment that firms the skin and instantly brightens the complexion.

It contains Theobromine, our favorite ingredient, which reveals the radiance of the complexion and has anti-aging properties. It thus fights against oxidative stress while increasing the production of collagen.

Its action coupled with that of organic argan oil, rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, leaves the skin soft, nourished and sublimated. After applying this serum, it is ready to receive the SPF30 Day Cream (TH3+ ) or the Night Cream (TH3+ ).

Argan oil is therefore part of our short list of ingredients, in order to always pursue excellence and a perfect synergy between sensory pleasure and optimal effectiveness. Discover all of our exceptional natural treatments here .