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What is plant-based hyaluronic acid?

Among the key ingredients in anti-aging care, we find hyaluronic acid. At Théobroma, we decided to opt for a plant-based variation allowing us to remain faithful to our values ​​and our commitments.

Find out everything about plant hyaluronic acid and its benefits through this article.

Among the key ingredients in anti-aging care, we find hyaluronic acid. At Théobroma, we decided to opt for a plant-based variation allowing us to remain faithful to our values ​​and our commitments.

Find out everything about plant hyaluronic acid and its benefits through this article.

Everything you need to know about plant-based hyaluronic acid

Our body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide acting on the beauty and health of the skin, which can capture up to 1000 times its weight in water . This molecule also plays a role in the health of our joints.

Plant hyaluronic acid is a 100% natural molecule that acts to maintain the skin's hydration level. This molecule can fill the spaces between skin cells to plump and smooth the skin.

There are several methods of obtaining plant hyaluronic acid. The best known is the extraction of the molecule by bio-fermentation of yeast . By obtaining two types of hyaluronic acid, one with a high molecular weight and one with a low molecular weight, we can act both on the surface of the skin and on the extracellular matrix located under the skin barrier.

The naturalness of our hyaluronic acid makes it compatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive . Good hydration being one of the key factors for beautiful skin, hyaluronic acid is an essential ingredient in anti-aging cosmetic care.

The differences between natural hyaluronic acid and synthetic hyaluronic acid

In order to do without animal hyaluronic acid, synthetic and natural alternatives have been created by scientists.

Plant hyaluronic acid obtained by the bio-fermentation of wheat or corn is today a version favored by many cosmetic brands. This plant-based option has many advantages: it is vegan and animal-friendly , it can be created at high yields, and its naturalness makes it compatible with many skin types.

Finally, this plant-based formula gives a gel-like texture to the final cosmetic product, making it particularly pleasant to apply.

Conversely, synthetic hyaluronic acid is obtained by chemical processes in the laboratory. Glucuronic acids and acetylglucosamines are synthesized, purified then sterilized before being integrated into cosmetic treatments.

plant hyaluronic acid benefits

What are the benefits of plant-based hyaluronic acid?

As mentioned earlier, our skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid. However, this production gradually decreases as we age , which is reflected in the appearance of the skin. This is when the first lines and wrinkles appear, particularly around the eyes, where the skin is thinner.

Our exceptional anti-aging treatments therefore contain plant-based hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin while activating cell renewal. This additional contribution helps the skin by intensely hydrating it and making it more supple and toned. Little by little, dehydration lines fade.

Plant hyaluronic acid also acts on the elasticity of the skin, giving it a plumper appearance and fighting against skin sagging.

FAQ: Common Questions

Why choose plant-based hyaluronic acid?

Plant hyaluronic acid is the most ethical and nature-friendly alternative. In addition to having a good production yield, it does not participate in animal exploitation and also limits the risk of allergies.

Can the body's production of hyaluronic acid be stimulated?

Please note that no food provides hyaluronic acid directly to the body. However, you can eat products that will stimulate its natural production, such as superfoods rich in antioxidants (goji berries, chia seeds, etc.).

Our cosmetic treatments with hyaluronic acid

At Théobroma, our anti-aging treatments contain plant-based hyaluronic acid :

  • Day Cream SPF30 (TH3+) : This cream intensely hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The Serum (TH3+) : The serum helps work on the cellular regeneration of the skin while bringing radiance to the complexion.
  • Night Cream (TH3+) : Hyaluronic acid preserves the structure and elasticity of the skin by deeply hydrating it. This cream works all night so that when you wake up, the skin is plumped and more plump.

True to our values ​​and ethics, we only incorporate organic plant-based hyaluronic acid into our exceptional treatments. We are convinced that we can use the richness of nature to offer exceptional treatments, offering a unique sensory and olfactory experience. You can find our values ​​here .