Pourquoi est-il important de bien hydrater sa peau ?

Why is it important to hydrate your skin well?

Many internal and external factors can cause dehydration of the skin, which can make it uncomfortable and less prepared for external aggressions.

Many internal and external factors can cause dehydration of the skin, which can make it uncomfortable and less prepared for external aggressions.

It is therefore essential to hydrate your skin to keep it healthy and avoid premature aging. Discover the importance of having well-hydrated skin and the good habits to adopt to preserve its beauty and comfort on a daily basis.

Why provide hydration to your skin?

Our body is made up of more than 60% water. We need water to live, and our bodies need it to function properly. This also applies to our skin, which is the largest organ in the human body...

Dehydrated skin can experience numerous disorders : discomfort, premature aging and dehydration wrinkles, inflammation, dull complexion... it can even become dry or, on the contrary, oily, due to overproduction of sebum.

On the contrary, well-hydrated skin resists external aggressions better and appears younger . It has more elasticity and is plumper. Indeed, a healthy hydrolipidic film retains water better and allows you to face the cold, the wind, but also the heating!

How do I know my skin is dehydrated?

Every skin is different, but here are some clues to spot skin lacking hydration :

  • She pulls,
  • It often presents flaking,
  • Makeup does not apply evenly, and particularly marks wrinkles and fine lines,
  • The eye area has many dehydration wrinkles,
  • The skin is less elastic and ages faster.

Good to know : the skin's hydration level has no link with skin type. For example, you may have dehydrated skin even though it is oily.

why moisturize your skin

How to hydrate your skin?

It is therefore essential to hydrate your skin well, both on the face and the body. For this, it is essential to take care of it from the inside and the outside.

Moisturize your skin from the inside:

Our first tip is the best known, it involves drinking at least 1.5L of water per day . However, few people achieve this and the daily water intake is therefore insufficient to meet the body's needs.

Indeed, we lose water when we sweat or during emunctory functions. You can use an app to track your water intake, or simply drink a whole bottle every day.

Certain foods contain water and can help hydrate your body and your skin , such as cucumber, watermelon, melon, tomatoes and citrus fruits... Consume without moderation, especially in summer!

Moisturize your skin from the outside:

Choose skincare products with moisturizing ingredients , such as plant-based hyaluronic acid, aloe vera or even argan oil.

Choose treatments with a natural and skin-friendly composition . But why is it so important to use moisturizer? Quite simply because it helps retain water in the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin, which is the shield against external aggressions.

Théobroma products to moisturize the skin

Here are some of our exceptional treatments that can be added to your beauty routine to maintain beautiful, well-hydrated skin:

  • SPF30 Day Cream : it deeply hydrates the skin while providing sun protection to fight against skin aging.
  • Night Cream : it contains plant-based retinol as well as plant-based hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin.
  • Nourishing body treatment : its formula enriched with organic cocoa butter sustainably hydrates the body to help the skin regain its elasticity.

Discover all of our exceptional natural treatments here .

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Our advice to avoid dehydrating the skin

Although good hydration is essential, it is also important to adopt the right actions to avoid inadvertently damaging it .

To avoid accelerating dehydration of the skin, avoid shower gels and cleansing products with synthetic compositions. Install an anti-limescale filter, because the latter is the enemy of your skin! After showering, do not rub the skin vigorously with the towel, but gently pat it dry.

When you go out, protect your skin whatever the weather: your skin can become dehydrated in cold, windy, but also very hot weather .