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Why choose Made in France cosmetics?

Today, more than ever, we can choose more responsible and more ethical consumption.

By favoring Made in France cosmetics, we can act on our scale to contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Today more than ever, we can choose more responsible and more ethical consumption. By favoring Made in France cosmetics , we can act on our scale to contribute to a more sustainable economy .

It is true that for several years, natural, local products made in France have been fashionable. But is it really an essential consumer choice? What are the real issues?

Find out why according to Théobroma it is important to support Made in France when choosing your cosmetic treatments.

Why support Made in France?

The words “Made in France” refer to the place where the treatment was manufactured. We can also find the term “Made in France”. This means that at least part of the manufacturing process took place in France .

Brands that display the “Made in France” label are often transparent about their production methods and promote the origin of their raw materials. So opt for these reassuring brands which favor transparency and authenticity, while offering certified organic products.

France is known for its numerous companies in the world of cosmetics and has acquired the reputation of a leader in the field . French know-how no longer needs to be proven, and transparency is required regarding the ingredients used in skincare products and their origin.

However, other reasons may encourage you to pay particular attention to the origin of your care products.

1. To benefit from quality care

French standards meet very strict specifications regarding the choice of ingredients, manufacturing methods and product quality.

Buying a Made in France product therefore ensures that you support rigorous production standards and you therefore have the guarantee of compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

2. To reduce the carbon footprint

Théobroma, as a brand of Franco-Swiss origin, considers respect for the environment as a fundamental value . Théobroma treatments contain high quality ingredients, carefully selected, and considered true Treasures of Nature, and local production is valued.

Thus, products made in France will travel fewer kilometers to arrive at your home, reducing your carbon footprint.

3. To promote employment in France

    By opting for a French company to manufacture your products, you support human rights and respect for good working conditions. Indeed, in certain countries, working and remuneration conditions are not acceptable: child labor, use of products harmful to health, underpayment, etc.

    Buying a Made in France product therefore ensures that you support social standards that guarantee fair working conditions and respect the fundamental rights of workers.

    cosmetics Made in France

    The importance of Made in France in cosmetics

    It is essential to pay particular attention to the quality of your cosmetic products, because when they are applied to your skin, it absorbs the ingredients up to the upper layers of the epidermis.

    This is why Théobroma favors only ingredients of natural origin of the highest quality, vigorously selected. All Théobroma treatments are also certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmos Organic , ensuring you unrivaled quality of care.

    Thus, French manufacturing meets strict qualitative standards, ensuring care that respects your skin and your health.

    Cosmetics Made in France: why you need to stay attentive

    The Made in France label can sometimes be associated with a practice called Greenwashing, an unscrupulous marketing technique associated with misleading codes. For example, the green color will immediately make you think of natural products, while the composition may not be.

    It is important to stay alert and carefully look at the list of ingredients of the treatments you use on your skin.

    Here are some tips to help you avoid succumbing to greenwashing:

    • Observe the rating on the Yuka app
    • Look at the INCI list of ingredients
    • Do not take for granted the information appearing first on the packaging.

    To choose the brand of your cosmetic treatments, Made in France and respect for the environment and the consumer are therefore practices to be promoted.

    Théobroma, a cosmetics brand Made in France

    Théobroma is a natural and committed skincare brand, committed to magnifying the benefits of nature to create unique, exceptional treatments , combining effectiveness, respect for the planet and sensoriality.

    Our cosmetic products are developed in Switzerland and manufactured in France, in Eure et Loir. We are a vegan cosmetics brand , which means that our products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.

    Our treatments are certified organic by Ecocert (certification body specializing in organic farming) and our packaging is recycled. It is the heritage of nature that allowed us to create Théobroma, and we are proud to carry these brand values . Finally, we have a Yuka rating of 100/100, confirming the attention paid to our cosmetics. Our balm of the gods won the Cosmebio prize, to our greatest pride.

    Théobroma draws its inspiration from natural heritage, and we are proud to express these values ​​through our brand.