Bienfaits du beurre de cacao bio

The benefits of cocoa butter in cosmetics

Cocoa butter, a true treasure of Nature, is at the heart of our body care formulas. It is the fruit richest in vitamins and minerals (ORAC measurement), which gives it exceptional benefits for the skin.

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Cocoa butter , a true treasure of Nature, is at the heart of our body care formulas. It is the fruit richest in vitamins and minerals (ORAC measurement), which gives it exceptional benefits for the skin.

Discover the incomparable properties of organic cocoa butter in this article.

Where does this ingredient with exceptional virtues come from?

Cocoa pods contain the precious cocoa beans. When the latter are roasted and then pressed, we obtain a paste which then gives rise to cocoa powder and butter.

Due to its richness in fatty acids and squalene , it is a natural ingredient which has antioxidant, nourishing, protective, restorative and soothing properties . It is also the fruit richest in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the world.

The virtues of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter has many benefits for the skin:

  • Nourishing properties : cocoa butter is rich in fatty acids, particularly omega-9, giving it emollient and protective properties. Omega-9 oleic acid is naturally present in the skin's hydrolipidic film. This ingredient therefore helps strengthen the skin barrier to protect it from external aggressions. The presence of squalene, an active ingredient in sebum, boosts the nourishing properties of cocoa butter,
  • Antioxidant properties : the presence of vitamin E and polyphenols helps protect the skin from oxidative stress and free radicals. Cocoa butter therefore helps slow down skin aging,
  • Soothing properties : polyphenols, squalene and phytosterols help relieve irritated or damaged skin. The action on the lipid film will allow the skin to regain more suppleness and heal better,
  • Softening properties : thanks to cocoa butter, the skin retains more elasticity and suppleness. The action on the hydrolipidic film makes it possible to maintain a good level of hydration. Cocoa butter contains a little theobromine, a key ingredient in our treatments.

Cocoa butter is therefore an ideal ingredient for body care products.

benefits of organic cocoa butter

Cocoa butter, for what type of skin?

This ingredient nourishes, protects and provides softness to all skin types . It nourishes the skin and helps stimulate collagen production and cell regeneration.

It is therefore particularly suitable for mature skin and very dry skin , or skin that is dehydrated at certain times of the year.

Théobroma care products

We have chosen to include organic cocoa butter in several of our skincare products.

  • Le Baume des Dieux : a true universal all-in-1 treatment that gently nourishes, repairs and soothes the face, body and hair,
  • Nourishing Body Milk : its light and creamy texture, sustainably hydrates the body and helps the skin regain its elasticity,
  • The Exfoliating and Nourishing Body Scrub : its formula composed of organic cocoa bean nibs offers deep nutrition in addition to an effective scrub, for an incomparable sensory experience,
  • The nourishing face mask : pamper and regenerate your skin thanks to its unique creamy formula,
  • Restorative hand cream : provides nutrition, repair and immediate comfort,
  • Lip balm : nourishes and sustainably repairs dry and damaged lips. A real treatment at your fingertips at any time of the day!

In accordance with our ethical principles and values, we exclusively use organic cocoa butter, certified organic by Ecocert and from fair trade, to guarantee you high-quality, effective care.