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Our hands are constantly stressed and abused: relentlessly exposed to the vagaries of time, the essential regular washing and the use of household products. These multiple attacks become so many opportunities for dehydration for the delicate skin of our hands.
In winter, with increased dryness, this vulnerability increases, leaving the skin prone to cracking, or even the appearance of painful skin fissures.

Let us therefore try to understand the causes and symptoms of these hand cracks, explore solutions to restore our hands to the softness and resilience they deserve, and develop preventive strategies to protect them from future attacks.

Cracked hands: causes and symptoms

Understanding the causes and symptoms of cracked hands is the first step toward effective defense.

Naturally thin and poor in sebaceous glands, the epidermis of our hands is poorly protected by the hydrolipidic film , making it very easily dehydrated.

Cracked hands are also very often the result of a combination of factors, including cold , frequent hand washing to prevent colds or seasonal flu, the use of stripping soaps or detergents , intensive manual work, underlying skin diseases or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis .

Another cause of cracks is lack of humidity . In winter, the air outside becomes noticeably less humid, compounded indoors by heating, resulting in significantly low humidity levels.

Symptoms usually do not take long to appear: painful cracks, dry and rough skin, sometimes even bleeding. It is imperative to react before our hands launch a real cry of distress.

hand cracks

How to choose the right cream for treating cracked hands?

To effectively address cracked hands, selecting an appropriate soothing and repairing cream is essential.

Delve into the cream's composition, ensuring it is rich in natural active ingredients such as beneficial fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Opt for formulations enriched with cocoa butter, renowned for its high concentration of minerals and fatty acids, making it a profoundly nourishing ally for the skin. Look for natural remedies in vegetable oils and butters.

The Baume des Dieux Théobroma stands out as an excellent choice for treating dry skin and cracks, combining the virtues of cocoa butter and coconut oil. This universal balm forms a potent alliance with exceptional nourishing properties, acting as an authentic remedy to provide intense nutrition, restore the skin barrier, and soothe irritation.

Make it your secret weapon against cracked hands.


Practical tips for for immediate relief and long-term prevention

Creams are powerful allies, but the battle against cracks is not won only on the care front. Adopt simple practices for immediate relief and long-term prevention.

Remember to protect your hands with gloves in cold weather. Limit exposure to harsh chemicals by using suitable gloves when doing household chores.

Moisturize your hands regularly , paying particular attention to areas prone to cracks. Apply the Baume des Dieux morning and evening for optimal results. And remember, prevention is key.

Integrate these simple actions into your daily routine to arm your hands against external aggression.

Cracked hands: practical tips for relief and prevention