Complexion illuminator

Criollo Serum

Criollo Serum, infused with natural shards of golden mica and sacred lotus extracts, captures light and instantly hydrates skin. Its formula enriched with Theobromine and vitamin E, powerful natural antioxidants, reveals a luminous complexion.

Day Cream SPF30 (TH3+)

Day Cream (TH3+) SPF30 deeply hydrates the skin, instantly improves its radiance and actively protects it from external aggressions (UVA, UVB, pollution, oxidative stress).

Its unique formula rich in Theobromine, a powerful natural antioxidant, prevents premature aging and hyperpigmentation and activates cell regeneration for a luminous complexion. The benefits of plant-based hyaluronic acid and vitamin E provide intense hydration while vitamin C gives your skin an incomparable glow.