Looking for the best cosmetics? No need to look further than those rated 100/100 Yuka!

The Yuka team reviewed these products, which were found to be of the highest quality.

At Théobroma Secret Cacao, our mission is to make cosmetics from the highest quality natural ingredients.

This is why our entire product range has achieved the highest rating on Yuka.

Whether it's skincare, makeup or haircare, you'll find the best here.

Balm of the Gods

Baume des Dieux's unique formula contains organic cocoa butter, which provides a concentrated combination of benefits.

Suitable for the whole family, this balm is a versatile treatment for the hair, face and body. It repairs damaged skin while soothing, hydrating and protecting it.

In addition to treating stretch marks and burns, it soothes sensitive skin and relieves eczema symptoms. Thanks to its rich and silky texture, it immediately relieves polluted, sunburned and sensitive skin. Le Baume des Dieux is not only a beauty product, but also a luxurious treatment that gives you an aura of confidence, comfort and well-being.

XOCOA+ Serum

XOCOA+ serum firms the skin and provides immediate comfort. Regular application helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the skin, resulting in a younger, more radiant appearance. A more youthful appearance is evident on the face.

It neutralizes free radicals, stimulates cell regeneration and evens out the complexion. In addition to smoothing wrinkles, the face appears firmer and contours are clearly defined. This advanced serum improves the skin's resistance to environmental factors and premature aging.

TZOLK-IN 260 face cream

A unique treatment to combat dehydration, TZOLK-IN 260 helps restore skin hydration. In this product, avocado oil, botanical extracts and cocoa butter work together to restore the skin barrier and maintain moisture balance. As a result, the skin appears healthier and younger.

The TZOLK-IN 260 formula is an excellent choice for combating the signs of aging. The exclusive formula of this cream reduces wrinkles and fine lines while firming and toning the skin.

What does a 100/100 rating on Yuka represent?

We all want to know if we're making the best choices for our bodies when it comes to health and beauty products. We want safe and effective products, without harmful ingredients.

This is where Yuka comes in. Yuka is an app that provides a detailed ingredient rating of health and beauty products. All ratings are based on a full analysis of all ingredients, so you can be sure you're getting accurate information.

You will easily find on Yuka which products are worth investing in and which ones to avoid. Reviews also give users insight into how effective a product is likely to be. This is because a product made primarily from natural ingredients is more likely to be gentle on the skin or hair than a product containing many synthetic chemicals.


Is Yuka a good reference for cosmetics?

Yes she is . The app takes into account all ingredients in a product, not just the active ingredients. So you can be sure that you have the full picture.

Plus, Yuka updates its reviews regularly, so you can be sure the information is up to date. With Yuka, you can be sure you're using products that are good for you and your skin.

How to use Yuka?

Nothing's easier ! Simply download the app and scan the barcode of a product that interests you. Yuka will then give you a detailed rating for that product, as well as a list of all its ingredients.

Yuka also allows you to find products suited to your skin or hair type. Simply select the “Filter” option and choose the criteria you are looking for.

Is Yuka free?

Yes, Yuka is a free app. There are no hidden costs or subscription fees. You can use it as much or as little as you want.

Yuka is ad-supported, so you may see ads when using the app. But don't worry, they only show products they believe in and think you will like too.

What to do if a product is not available on Yuka?

If you can't find a product on Yuka, it's probably because it's not available in your country.

The database is constantly expanding, so check back soon if you can't find what you're looking for. In the meantime, you can use the "Filter" option to find products similar to the one you are looking for